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Helpful Tips for Time Zone Travelers

Wouldn’t it be nice if our internal clocks could reset & adjust automatically like our phones do? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. No matter if you’re traveling to Iceland, Ireland, or even South Africa, you will need to adjust for the different time zone. Below are some tips that will help you in adjusting and prevent the common head-aches of traveling to different time zones!


  1. When making appointments before you travel… set those appointments in your phone as the actual time of the appointment. Once your phone adjusts, it won’t know to automatically adjust your appointments also. For example, if you’re home in New York putting in your calendar that your flight departs Iceland at 4pm, don’t put noon just because that’s the time at home. Don’t set the appointments to adjust to your current time zone, set them to be where and when the appointment will take place!
  2. If you’re traveling far into the future, for example our students traveling to South Africa where it’s 6 hours ahead of EST, try and book a night flight. When you fly at night, it gives your body a chance to sleep and your internal clock to reset. When you land, your body has already reset and you won’t feel (as) groggy from the time change!
  3. Want to stay in touch with family? We sometimes forget when we’re abroad that when we’re eating breakfast, it might be just 3 am for our friends and family back home! Arrange an agreed time with your parents or friends of when would be a good time (for both of you) to catch up on your travels. For example, if traveling to Ireland from Florida, you might want to plan to talk with your folks between 4pm & 7pm every day (4pm for you, 11am for your family).
  4. Wearing a watch? Set your watch to your destination’s time zone as soon as your flight takes off. Your itinerary lists the time of your arrival as the time it will be where you are traveling to. By adjusting your watch on the plane, you won’t forget to do adjust it when you arrive and you can keep track of how much flight time you have left (do the same when coming home).


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