Land a Job by Following your Wanderlust

How Following Your Wanderlust Can Actually

Help you

Land a Job


Wouldn’t it be nice if studying abroad and traveling could not only be an amazing experience but actually help land that dream job?


Well, guess what? It can!


Employers LOVE students who have unique experiences on their resume.


However, that spring break trip to Amsterdam with 4 of your friends… not going to cut it.


The experience needs to be unique, enriching, and ultimately show potential employers that you are willing to learn new things and experience something different.


Your experience abroad does not have to be a semester or year-long study. In fact, studies show that students gain the same value (personal and professional development, confidence, etc..) as students who study abroad for extended periods of time.


Which is a great thing because not every student can afford or has access to enough scholarship funds to be abroad for more than a couple weeks… Unless they want to rack up more student debt (but who wants that?).


Employers love to see these types of experiences because it shows them a lot about that candidate.


Here are just a few…


Number 1:

You are Eager and Determined

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Not only did you board a plane (maybe even for the first time) but you immersed yourself in a new environment with strangers to experience something completely different. Also, most employers realize that being abroad can be costly and that you’ve most likely had to work hard (fundraising, working, saving, etc…)  to give yourself that experience. This proves immense eagerness and determination (something all employers of any industry are looking for).


Number 2:

You are Capable of Self-Sufficiency

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A lot of college students, either by the will of their parents or for other reasons, never live a self-sufficient life during college. They graduate not being a “real adult” yet. However, with an experience such as a short term study abroad, this proves to employers that you can hold your own. Employers need to know that who they are bringing onto their team can learn quickly and go with the flow, not hold things back because you need your hand held.


Number 3:

You have above average social skills, diversity awareness and adaptability

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Employers need to know that you are a team player. When students travel abroad, the experience forces you to step outside your comfort zone (like really step outside) to meet new people and learn new things. One thing you learn to appreciate, is diversity. Not only from the new culture and country you are in but also the colleagues you are traveling and discussing these new experiences with. In any work setting, social skills and an appreciation for diversity are critical.

What’s equally as important is how you can adapt to change within the work environment. Considering studying abroad will force you to adapt to a whole new culture, schedule, rules, etc… Adjusting in the workplace will be a piece of cake.

It’s no wonder employers light up when they see an international experience on a candidate’s resume.

An International Educational Program will not only set you apart from the average, it will ultimately provide you

a life-changing experience.

And when you return home, remember to reflect and write down all that you learned and how it changed your life. Because this experience will undoubtedly surface in an interview, and you will have the opportunity to market your new skills and share your experiences to land that dream job.

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