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“BEA Institute Kosovo was one of the best experiences of my life.  I can say for sure that the program exceeded my expectations! The program was run very smoothly and professionally, and the country was beautiful and its people welcoming. Maybe the best part, though, was meeting so many students from all over the world with such diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. I learned a lot on the trip, but I also gained lifelong friends and unforgettable memories. I strongly urge anyone to enroll in BEA, no matter what you study; it will be a life-changing experience”

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Reid WilcoxUniversity of Miami, USA

“I would definitely recommend students apply for the BEAI programme. It is a unique opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to visit somewhere you might not get to otherwise, to learn so much both inside and outside the classroom and to open oneself up to new perspectives on global issues. It’s also great fun and may involve waterfalls. I made friends for life and feel the experience was of significant personal, academic and professional benefit. All in all, it was an unforgettable, very special and very worthwhile ten days!”

Rebecca 80x80 BEAI
Rebecca SmythTrinity College Dublin, Ireland

“BEA is a thought stimulating, friendship building and adventurous experience. Highly recommended to anyone who loves combinations of fun, academic encounters, exploring foreign countries and learning from others. It opened my eyes to the Kosovo and most importantly its people. It extended my worldview across borders to the Balkan region of this world and made me once again aware of the importance to remain open for surprises”

Karolina 80x80 BEAI
Karolina GombertUniversity of Cambridge, Germany

“Bridge Education Abroad Kosovo summer program, was such an amazing experience! The lectures were quite informative with the informal debate sessions stirring up the room at times.It was also enjoyable hearing different views from almost 40 participants! The field trips were an amazing adventure and a different way to experience the country. From the historical caves, the waterfalls of Mirusha, the beautiful city of Pirzen, the parliament to the capital city of Prishtina, each of these experiences taught me something about Kosovo I would never have known. The mayor of Gjilani hosted us like his personal guests while the Prime Minister spared time in his busy schedule to come and have a word with the students”

Temko 80x80 BEAI
Temko DorrisMaastricht University, Kenya

Global Leadership

What is your path to worldwide leadership? At BEA Institute we believe for students and young professionals to become leaders in a global community they must be exposed to global learning experiences.

International Security

Students and young professionals learn the insights of growing international problems and have opportunities to engage with politicians, guest speakers and professors from all over the world who are experts in their fields.

Unlock Your Future

We believe in order to survive and compete in the global job market, experience is everything. We will make sure that students will have the best possible experience in the Bridge Education Abroad Program.